Dec 29. Themes continue into year end

–Quiet day yesterday, but there are a few interesting notes.  First, the Dallas Fed came out at -20.1 versus expected -7.0, another in a string of weak data releases.  To add insult to injury crude oil fell 1.29 to 36.81 (CLG6), reversing about half of last week’s rally.  March Corn made a new contract low at 3.60.
–Second, the eurodollar curve fell to new lows.  Red/gold pack spread fell 3.5 to 89.75, its lowest level since 2008.  Red/green pack spread (2nd to 3rd year) closed at just 40.25 bps.  These are not levels that suggest economic vibrancy.
–Third, China continues a slow depreciation, which is almost certain to pressure Asian neighbors to lower export prices in order to remain competitive.
–Fourth, hi-yield again turned down, casting doubt on the tentative bottoming from mid-December.
–Even on a slow day, these factors tie into a theme of declining inflation and growth.  However, the turn of year can often point to a change in trend, and certainly the flattener is becoming crowded.  If the Fed were to pull back from its narrative of removal of accommodation, then a rebound in the curve would surely follow.

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