July 19.

July 19.  Rally in fixed income continued Friday, with the 2 yr note reaching a record low just below 58 bps.  Ten year note fell around 6 bps to 2.92%.
–Banks were weak.  BofA fell 10%, and is at the lower end or the range of the past 11 months. Citi was down nearly 7%, though JPM was down only 3.7%. Some of the weakness in BAC and C rumored to be due to liquidation by Paulson’s fund, also fingered for the plunge in gold. (I read a snippet indicating loss of about $1B of $31B under management). 
–Bernanke semiannual testimony to Congress begins Wednesday.  Market will listen for hints of the next QE effort.
–From Telegraph: Mystery Trader Buys all Europe’s Cocoa. Someone buying up all the Cocoa in europe (about $1 B worth). I remember reading that it takes about 7 years for a newly planted cocoa tree to produce.  Apparently there are fears of reduced yields out of main suppliers, the Ivory Coast and Ghana.  In a broader context, many food markets have been exploding higher.  For example, Dec Wheat is up 15% in the past 12 sessions (drought in Russia is a factor). 
–From Prudent Bear: “In the six years 2001-2006, Total U.S. Mortgage Debt doubled to $14.53 TN.” Seems to me that as housing values have fallen and the new Fin Reg bill encourages higher downpayments, that the size of the mortgage mkt will decline, benefitting treasuries.

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