June 17.

Interest rates edged lower even as stocks pressed higher.  Implied vol was lower as trading range remains tight and volume low.  TYU has been in a range of about 3/4 point for the past week.  However, there was again a buyer of 5k TYQ 127.5c for 2. 

–BP set aside $20 B and scrapped its dividend, but at this point $20 B seems like a drop in the….in the ocean. 

–Calpers is asking the State of California for more funding.  The chasm between what is promised to pensioners (including assumptions about returns over time), and actual performance of pension funds is more and more likely to receive harsh public exposure, representing another liability for taxpayers. 

–News today includes CPI expected -0.2 with Core +0.1.  Job Claims expected 450k.  Leading Indicators expected +0.6 and Philly Fed 20.0 from 21.4.

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