June 22. Moves related to China fizzle

Almost all of the moves initially associated with China’s revaluation reversed.   For example, gold was up $5 early but closed down $25 on the day.  Stocks were up but gave away all gains. The euro slid.   BP was down 4.7%.  According to zerohedge Moody’s put out a piece detailing widespread ramifications if BP goes bankrupt.  Which leads to the next item: White House Budget Director Peter Orzag leaving the admin.
–Today’s news includes the 2 year note auction.  Existing Home Sales expected 6.12 M .  Richmond Fed index. 
–EDZ0 9950c paper paid 1.5 for 40k (new position).  EDN0 9950c paid 0.5 for 10k. Implied vol was crushed in eurodollars with most straddles down 2-3 bps. 
–The curve was a couple of bps steeper with 2/10 up 2 at 253.  Ten year note had a nice rebound from its worst levels of the day as stocks faltered.  Red eurodollars continue to make new highs in spite of treasury auctions this week.

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