March 31. Japanese year end. JGB yield bottoming? 5/30 in US bottoming?

Not sure if this chart has much value…just that both JGB’s and 5/30 in the US appear to be putting in base patterns.   5/30 especially, looks sort of like the bottom JPY made in late in 2011.  Of course, there was more than one false start for the yen, and the catalyst of central bank action is what really sealed the deal in late 2012 and vaulted JPY back to the round trip highs of 2007.  Perhaps the catalyst for 5/30 will be INACTION by the Fed.  In terms of JGB, note that there was a yield surge after Japanese year end in 2013 as well.  Just something to keep an eye on.

5/30 US treasury spd is white line (bottoming 104 to 120) and JGB ten year yield in red

5_30 US v JPN10Y








JPY bottom

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