Oct 1, 2018. Bond Bear

–Stocks are rallying and bonds are down as a new Nafta agreement was inked.  Canada dollar is seeing a strong run higher while gold is below 1190 and appears vulnerable to new lows.
–Rates eased on Friday though net changes were small.  Curve steepened late.  For example, 5/30 jumped 2.7 bps to 25.1, as the 5y fell 1.5 bps and the 30y rose  1.2.  USZ8 is pressing lower, now 139-25 against a low last week (low of the move so far) of 139-17.  The Fed’s balance sheet normalization program kicks up another $10 billion per month in Q4 to $50 billion per month, while the ECB further pares back its buying.   The 3.25% yield level on the 30-year bond has acted as a cap since 2015.  See chart below.  A close above should cause the yield to vault to 3.50/3.55 quickly.  If this action should develop, red/green and red/blue pack spreads will certainly move from negative to positive values.
–ISM Mfg today expected slightly lower at 60.3 from 61.3.  Bostic and Rosengren speak.
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