April 16, 2021

–New all-time highs in stocks yesterday as retail sales blew past expectations, up 9.8%.  China’s GDP was released at +18.3%.  Good thing the Fed is keeping rates at zero and buying $120 billion in treasuries and MBS a month.  

–Yields collapsed yesterday as the bond market has recently absorbed high inflation and high growth body blows like Ali’s rope-a-dope.  At futures settle, 10y was down 10.2 bps at 1.53% and bonds down 11 bps at 2.21%.  The curve flattened with nearly all one-year eurodollar calendars making new monthly lows. The highest one-yr calendar on the strip is EDM23/EDM24 which settled 64.5; it peaked at 78 at the end of March.  White euro$ pack was unch’d, reds +2.875, greens +8.625, blues +12.875 and golds +14.375.  Over the first five years of the strip, the lowest contract is, of course, the last gold, EDH’26, at a price of 9800.5, so nothing in the first five years has a yield over 2%.  The low in that contract has been 9760; it has been a pretty spiffy short cover rally.  USM settled at 159-00 at 3:00pm, but in the next couple of hours it sank close to 158, where it sits this morning.  One trade of note, a new buyer of 20k 4EU 9750p for 8.0 (settled 8.25 ref 9817.0).
–2/10 treasury spread plunged 9.5 bps to 137.5, while 5/30 eased 4.5 to 141.7, the latter did not make a new recent low,, having held 139.

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