Vote Udgodskava

Sept 30, 2020

“When no one in the village signed up to challenge Nikolai Loktev, who’s from the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, he persuaded Ms Udgodskava [the cleaning woman of the local administration building] to register as his ‘rival’ to ensure the minimum requirement of two candidates.  That plan backfired when the cleaner beat him by a landslide.” 
I don’t know if it would be considered Russian interference, but please Ms Udgodskava, we need you to run here!

Russian cleaner sweeps to power in surprise village vote‘Flabbergasted’ Marina Udgodskaya only entered the race as her boss needed someone else to

–Equities slipping in the wake of the debate.  Precious metals down, treasuries little changed.

–Large trade yesterday was the attempted exit of the EDZ0 9950/9962/9975 call fly originally bought for 4.0.  It was sold both on block and screen yesterday at 1.75 as a put fly in size of about 70k. The screen trades remained puts, but the blocks were changed to calls.  EDZ0 settled exactly on strike at 9975.  The October contract settled 9978.5…there will be no turn this year.
–Yields were slightly lower overall with tens down 1.3 bps to 64.6 bps.  The red euro$ pack (2nd year) ended +0.5 while golds (5th year) were up 2.625.  The pack spread closed just above 40 bps.  While the back end of the dollar curve outperformed to a small degree, the theme of buying puts on blue and gold midcurves remained, albeit in modest size. For example, a buyer of 10k 3EH 9950/9912p 1×2 (settled 4.75 vs 9955 in EDH’24).  
–JPM was fined $920 billion for spoofing.  That would be about 5% of DB’s market cap.

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